AM & Shawn Lee Make Holland Debut of their New Album Celestial Electric

at Motel Mozaique Festival April 20 

and add free Amsterdam Meet & Greet, acoustic set, and songwriter workshop April 21 at the Renaissance hotel

If you caught New Orleans raised, L.A. based indie artist AM opening for AIR and Charlotte Gainsbourg last year, then you won’t want to miss him headline his new musical collaboration with London groove master Shawn Lee mysteriously entitled “AM & SHAWN LEE” making their very first Holland debut of their new album Celestial Electric  (Naïve) April 20 with a performance at Motel Mozaique Festival in Rotterdam and another very special appearance in Amsterdam at the Renaissance Hotel on April 21 to play a DJ set of the music collection that inspired the making of the album, perform an acoustic set, and then do a Q&A with audience members interested in discussing the craft of songwriting.


In honor of their Spring Tour, AM & Shawn Lee are giving away a free mp3 of their single Dark Into Light and also another free mp3 of the brand new remix from France’s Blundetto, aka Max Guiguet famed program director for Radio Nova France which was remixed on the dawn of their return to Europe.